Science – Maths and Research

Can you see yourself using your maths skills in your career, either in a business or science setting? As there are so many jobs related to science one of them could be for you!

Science, Maths and Research jobs do not fall within a single occupation or industry but play a key role in tackling both local and global challenges across sectors and can see you working on pressing issues such as climate change, vaccine development and food security. Looking at the future, STEM skills will become even more critical and can set you off in emerging and fast-growing careers such as cybersecurity, biotech, advanced logistics, internet of things, infrastructure, advanced manufacturing and pharmaceutics, big data, green and remote economy, ed-tech, cloud technology, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, robotics, and virtual reality. Dorset’s three universities – Bournemouth University, Arts University Bournemouth and AECC University College offer a range of science and research careers.
Most jobs require us to use some maths. However, there are some jobs where you will be using maths more – does this sound fun to you? Are you a curious person if so a career in science could be your next step? Maths is also important in a range of other areas such as architecture, engineering and scientific research. If you like solving problems, carrying out investigations and enjoy sciences you could think about a career in a science subject. If you enjoy maths and a science subject you may consider engineering.
People with maths and science skills statistically earn more. Starting salaries for science sector jobs can be as much as £32,000, putting them in the top 20% of starting salaries.

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You’ll need the ability to work well with your hands, to be thorough and pay attention to detail, the ability to use your initiative, the ability to work well with others, administration skills, maths and science knowledge and to be able to use a computer and the main software packages competently

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Science - Maths and Research Jobs

Red – Formal qualifications required – GCSEs Grades 4-9, Level 3 Qualifications, A levels or Degree

Amber – Some formal qualifications may be required at Level 2 depending on the employer this will vary depending on the organisation and position

Green – No formal qualification required